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Installation Instructions

Read all instructions and follow all steps carefully. The quality and safety of the kit depends on correct installation.

Part # KIA 927X B Motorcycle Type Harley XL/FXD 39mm (narrow glide)Notice: Unprofessional installation is not reccomened. It is recommended that this be performed by a Harley mechanic, if not, a shop manual must be used (or Clymer). Never modify the delivered parts. Damaged or bent parts should not be repaired or used in any way. If there are any questions please contact your distributor:

Seeger Cycle Accessories

Toll Free 1-888-479-3288

Notice: Use Loctite on all bolted connections.

Notice: Avoid allowing brake fluid on painted surfaces, it will damage the paint.

The motorcycle must be supported on a lift or suitable jack and secured.

  1. Remove fuel tank.
  2. Remove front wheel, front fender, caliper, handlebars, headlight, speedo, fork tubes.
  3. Remove top triple tree by removing top nut, remove thin nut, support the lower triple tree and remove.
  4. Top and bottom bearings and bearing races must be removed. A bearing race removal tool will help this job, but is not required. The races can be removed by using a steel bar approx. ½" dia. Tap out the top race from the bottom of the neck by catching the edge of the race, work it around as you tap with a hammer and it will come out. Do the same for the bottom race.
  5. Remove the fork tubes from the lower legs and replace with longer fork tubes. (you will need a Clymer manual for the step by step procedure). A spacer (either steel or pvc) inside the tube is used to take up the extra length of the tubes, the spacer sits on top of the original spring. Spacer length should match the extended length of the tubes + any original spacer (if care is taken the fork seals can be reused)
  6. Oil capacity inside the fork tubes remains the same, as does the oil weight. If a stiffer ride is preferred use a heavy weight fork oil.
  7. Clean the inside of the steering head, be sure no burrs have been left in the bearing race seats.
  8. Place a lite coating of grease on the inside of the bearing race seat top and bottom, this will help when you fit the top and bottom adapters.
  9. See #10 below: Fit the large adapter block into the bottom of the steering head, be sure that it is straight (it will use the original steering stop as a guide). Install the included installation tool into the stearing head, one end fits into the neck the other end fits into the bottom of the adapter block. Use the installation tool to pull the adapter into the steering head. Torque it to 200 N m (148 ft lbs)
  10. Tip: To make the install of the bottom adapter and top tree easier we have found that putting those parts in your freezer for 10-15 minutes helps, it actually shrinks the metal slightly and the parts go into place a bit easier.


  11. Fit the upper triple tree (part with large hexagon bolt) into the steering head, fit will be tight. Note: the hex shaft from the top tree must fit into the hex cutout in the bottom adatper, be sure you rotate the shaft until you feel it fit into the adapter. Note: Do not use the install tool for top tree installation, the threads are different. Tighten the large bolt (use a 12mm Allen Socket) (lubricate it with some oil) which passes through the bottom adapter untill it pulls the top tree into place and it is completely seated (note top adapter will be about 1/8 inch above the top of the neck when it is seated). Remove the large bolt. Inspect all parts and fitment of upper and lower tree. Clean any oil off the bolt, apply Loctite to the large bolt and reinstall in the adapter, torque to 200 Nm (148 ft lbs) (Note this torque amount is very important and must be reached)
  12. Before you install the lower triple tree remove the cover from the bottom of the tree. Remove the circlip from the shaft on the adapter. Install the lower triple tree on the shaft of the adapter, apply a small amount of grease to the shaft. The fit will be tight, use a 27mm socket of piece of pipe to help drive the bearing onto the shaft (be very careful not to damage the bearing, only apply force to the inner race of the bearing, do not allow the bearing to cock or misalign, it is helpful to have a 2nd person to hold the bottom tree while you prepare and install the fork tubes). Note: the bearing is designed not to go past the small lip on the shaft. Secure the triple tree using the circlip.
  13. Install the fork tubes. Be sure to lube the tubes with oil so they slip easily into the trees. Use the provided fork top caps. (Note: thread and pitch of these caps and tubes may be different then the stock size)
  14. Tighten the side clamping screws in the lower triple tree. (apply some oil to pinch bolts so threads in aluminum are not damaged)
  15. Install handlebar and risers, Note the risers will mount to the tree with-out bushings, solid mount.
  16. Be sure to toque all bolts to correct spec. as called out below.
  17. Install caliper and fender using spacers and provided bolts. Install new brake hose.
  18. Use brake rotor spacer between rotor and hub.
  19. Install front wheel using provided axel and wheel spacer.
  20. Headlight can be mounted on the included bracket or use a bottom mount light on the bottom triple tree.
  21. Test ride and then check all bolts for correct torque.


Torque specs (ft lb)

Front axel 25-30

Front axel clamp bolt 11-15

Riser bolts 40-50

Bottom adapter bolt (M16) 148

Fork bridge lower clamp bolt (M10) 40-45

Caliper mounting bolts 18-29

Fork caps 60-70

Banjo fittings 15-18


Note Tools: 12mm allen socket is included in your kit.

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