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Chopper Kit FAQ

Chopper Kit FAQ'S


What is a bolt on chopper kit?

More than just a set of raked triple trees, our bolt-on system was developed to give your bike that dramatic chopper look while providing safe handling at all speeds.  It eliminates the guesswork by retaining your bike's original trail measurement.  Proper trail is an essential componenet in motorcycle design, determining your bike's stability and overall handling characteristics.  Our patented design is built into the kit components and does not require any changes to the bike's frame. Want some more info and unbiased feedback, checkout this write-up from one of our customers, click here

What comes in the Seeger Chopper kit?

All kits come complete with everything you need for the conversion, and will add approximately 10-12 inches to the wheelbase of your bike. Parts include Top and bottom triple tree, Bottom adapter (to offset the bottom tree), longer fork tubes (8 or 10 inches over stock), extended brakeline and speedometer cable, adapter for headlight and gauges, and all required spacers and hardware. We also include a 12mm Allen (to tighten the main bolt) and an install tool to pull the bottom adapter into the neck of the motorcycle. You will reuse your original lower legs, wheel and fender.

How do I know the Seeger Chopper is safe?

The Seeger Chopper has been certified by the European TUV standard. The TUV is a very strict requirement and because the Seeger Chopper Kit was developed in Germany and sold for use on the Autobahn it had to pass a 50,000 mile road test before it could be certified. The TUV standard is much stricter then the US DOT and gives you the assurance that your kit will perform as promised.

How long does it take to install?

Typically it takes a shop about 6-8 hours to install

Can I install it myself?

We usually recommend that if you have never worked on bikes before that you go to a local shop that you trust and have them install your chopper kit. If you have worked on bikes before you should have no problem installing it yourself. We give a very detailed instruction sheet and if you ever had any questions while installing you kit don’t hesitate to call us and we can walk you through a certain section you are having trouble with. If you want some feedback from a customer that installed a kit himself check out this article, click here

How come my bike is not listed?

Due to the vast variety in bike types it is difficult to list all bikes. Although your bike may not be listed we still will most likely have parts for it. Call or e-mail us if you are looking for a specific part.

Are their any warranties on my kit?

If there are any problems regarding your chopper kit we will make sure that we rectify the problem to our customers satisfaction.

What is the return policy?

A return authorization number (RA#) is required for all items. This number must appear on all packages before being returned. Returns without an RA# will be refused. All returns must be received within 15 days of the date of the RA number. Enclose a detailed packing list for contents and reasons for return. Seeger Cycle Accessories or its suppliers reserve the right to inspect and to determine the nature of any and all defects/discrepancies on returned merchandise. Any credits/replacements will only be made AFTER returns have been received and processed by Seeger Cycle Accessories. Contact your sales representative to obtain and RA number.

How can I be on the gallery section of the website?

We love to get pictures from our customers to put into our gallery. You can either e-mail us pictures at or if it is easier you can send some through the regular snail mail. Either way as soon as we receive your pictures we will list you in our gallery.

How does my bike ride with the chopper kit installed?

We can tell you all day how great your bike will handle but we think our customers say it best. Here are a few comments from our customers to give you an idea. Customer Rides

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