Awesome Intruder Chopper

Wow! What an overhaul! Shawn took his stock 2005 VS1400 Intruder and turned it into a showstopper! Shawn did his own custom paint and a ton of other upgrades to perfect his look. Here is what he says. "Here she is finally done. Seeger frontend 13 degrees and 8" over and your t-bars. Handmade tank, side covers rearfender and other goodies. Thunder bike swingarm (slightly modified), Double slash pipes, My paintwork, R.C. components wheels. Front is 19 X 2.15 and Rear is 18 x 8.5 avon venoms all around. I love the ride the front end gives, and combined with the swingarm and wide tire makes for one visious looking ride. Thanks for your great product, support, and attention to customers needs. Will be doing buisness with you again." Thanks again Shawn!

2005 VS1400 Intruder
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